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About us

KBS (Knowledge Benefits Success)

KBS (Knowledge Benefits Success) is a family-owned business that’s genuinely passionate about providing local schools, clubs and organisations with high quality apparel at affordable prices.

Our business has expanded rapidly in the past two years since establishing the company in 2018. While keeping grounded and focusing on building positive relationships with every client; whether its provinces or grass root teams, we have slowly but surely become a well-recognised Sportswear brand across New Zealand and Australia.

Our team of specialists and advisors have come from sporting backgrounds themselves either as a player, manager or coach so we understand first hand how important uniforms are on and off the field. Having this set of knowledge in our team is beneficial as we can provide accurate recommendations on the perfect garment type or materials that will suit each client.

If you think KBS aligns with your brand, please get in contact with us now and we’ll be more than happy to help you produce garments to kickstart your new journey.

“Knowledge in quality, Success in performance”.